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Experts sound off on power, performance, and maintenance



Giving Thanks at the Church of Speed

On a pristine Sunday morning in the desert, souped-up Detroit craftsmanship rockets down the drag strip. In this Church of Speed, racers dance on the fine line of redemption and disaster and an extra thousandth of a second can provide a desperatel...

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TORC Crandon: The Cathedral of Off-Road Racing

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans make the trek to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway to celebrate Labor Day and catch the most iconic dirt racing weekend in the country: TORC Series World Championship. 

And it's going to...

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Tearing Up the Hot List

Our Stock Car Dream Challenge contest is up & runnin’ full bore and there are a lot of racers pushing to get their friends voting and supporting their dream. There are a ton of interesting stories and they’re all worth checking out...

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Bryce Menzies Tears Up the Mint 400

After a grueling 6:20 ripping across the desert, Bryce Menzies took the trophy in the 2013 Mint 400.

Bryce and co-rider Pete Mortensen battled radio and brake failure to take the title with their closest competitor behind them by almost 10...

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Dirt Season

Ah, spring has sprung. Birds sing, children laugh and the smell of burning race fuel fills the air…

NASCAR is already a month into their season, NHRA is running strong, and the iconic Mint 400 is upon us.

It’s official...

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