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Experts sound off on power, performance, and maintenance



Giving Thanks at the Church of Speed

On a pristine Sunday morning in the desert, souped-up Detroit craftsmanship rockets down the drag strip. In this Church of Speed, racers dance on the fine line of redemption and disaster and an extra thousandth of a second can provide a desperatel...

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Patrick Staropoli Takes The PEAK SCD Checkers

And so it's been decided. Patrick Staropoli is going down in history as the firs ever Winner of the PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge! 

From the moment PEAK and racing partner Michael Waltrip began toying with the idea of giving hopefuls...

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#PeakSCD School Is In

After months of mounting anticipation, the Showdown in Charlotte is finally upon us. The Final 9 drivers selected in our inaugural PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge contest will now battle it out in a three-day driving competition at Charlotte Motor...

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Restrictor Plate Tracks: A Driver's Nightmare

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, or don’t know about ‘em, restrictor plates are a part of NASCAR, for now at least. Simply explained, restrictor plates are devices installed at the intake of engines to limit their power, which slows b...

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72 Hours Served on the Joliet Autobahn

We had such a blast at our last 24 Hours of LeMons race that we just had to go back for round two. It's only fitting—right? 

So, immediately after the PEAK LeMons sweepstakes ended, we notified our lucky winner, loaded the haule...

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Showdown In Charlotte

After months of mounting anticipation, 9 contestants have been selected for our first ever PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge contest. These nine finalists will now head to Charlotte Motor Speedway to battle it out in a 3 day racing competit...

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Tearing Up the Hot List

Our Stock Car Dream Challenge contest is up & runnin’ full bore and there are a lot of racers pushing to get their friends voting and supporting their dream. There are a ton of interesting stories and they’re all worth checking out...

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Made for TV

For those of you living under a rock the past couple months, PEAK Motor Oil and racing partner Michael Waltrip launched a nationwide drivers search to find the next Stock Car Star. So far, over 500,000 votes have been cast for the hopefuls that ha...

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Bryce Menzies Tears Up the Mint 400

After a grueling 6:20 ripping across the desert, Bryce Menzies took the trophy in the 2013 Mint 400.

Bryce and co-rider Pete Mortensen battled radio and brake failure to take the title with their closest competitor behind them by almost 10...

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