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NHRA Drivers Go Straight Back to Work in the Off-Season



NHRA Drivers Go Straight Back to Work in the Off-Season

Oh, the life of a big-time race car driver.

The moment the final race of the year is over, these devil-may-care thrill seekers are on their private jets to somewhere tropical and warm, leaving cold and dreary behind.

Yeah, that is not the case for PEAK’s family of NHRA drivers. These hard-working men and their teams and families work year ‘round, dirt under their nails, sweat-stained ball caps atop weary heads.

But these hardcore DIYers wouldn’t have it any other way. So, let’s hear it straight from them. What are you doing this off-season, fellas?

Dan Fletcher, Super Stock
Earned second career Western Swing victory, broke tie with Bob Glidden for fourth-most wins in NHRA history (86)

“The off-season is my time to re-coup. I race hard from February to November, so it’s nice to have a little ass time. I try to get to the gym every chance I can and just basically get caught up on everything that got neglected during the season. A few years ago, I took a job as a sub-contractor plowing snow on city streets. It’s a mindless, somewhat relaxing type endeavor. Get up at 2 a.m. and go dodge parked cars all night!”

TJ Zizzo, Top Fuel Dragster
Earned first-ever semi-final appearance at Seattle

“Vacation? Ha! Going to the racetrack is the vacation! This off-season, I’m fixing my house after some major storm damage, including new roofs and major drywall repair on both levels. I’m working at both the race shop and the family body shop. I don’t have time for vacations or any of those money-spending activities. Sanding Bondo is like going to the beach for me.”

Sherman Adcock, Super Gas
Super Comp victory at the JEGS All-Star Race at Route 66 Raceway

“During the off-season, we are still working on cars and motors. We take the motors out from the year and freshen them up and clean the cars from top to bottom. Same thing with our trailer and motorhome. We take everything out and clean it and start fresh for next year. We also watch a lot of college football. The main thing is that we get to spend lots of time with our families, because during racing season, it is hard at times.”

The Peak Team

November 21, 2013

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