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The Power of Victory



The Power of Victory

In the NFL, the playoffs are no joke. There’s a lot at stake—even for us fans. There's a ton of chili to make, the perfect burger patties to select, and coolers to stock with ice—and ice cold ones. Then there's the "super fan" gear. From antenna toppers to Saran Wrap in your team's colors, to your lucky, nacho cheese-stained, still-never-washed hoodie (from that epic Montana-led 49ers comeback game in '89). Yes, it's never been washed. It would go against all man code and sports fan ethics to throw luck into a spin cycle.

Anyway, there you are, in the stadium parking lot; donning gear for your team, showing your super fan prowess with head-to-toe awesomeness. You've got it all. Friends. Food. Fanaticism. And the occasional red cup party foul. But there's one thing you can't afford to run low on in the midst of a 4-5 hour pre-game tailgate marathon: power. You need your fridge keeping your goods cool and fresh. You need your grill rockin' and rollin', pumping out batch after batch of burgers and dogs. And you need your cell phone battery more charged than overhyped special teams players on the opening kickoff. That's where your PEAK team comes into play—with a lineup of Pro Bowl-worthy electronics to give you all the juice you need for a successful tailgate. Like mobile power outlets that boast 400-3,000 watts (including up to 6,000 watts of surge tolerance). To keep everything from electronic devices to small appliances fully charged.

So when you get back out in that stadium parking lot this weekend for the NFL Playoffs – where giant athletes really separate the men from the boys, we want you to know that we’ve got your back—with battery jump-starters in case your ride's "12-volter" decides to sleep during the game. Tire inflators in case your donuts are riding low, LED spotlights if you need some light, back-up cameras to make sure you don’t run over anyone’s cooler, and a ton more.

Yup, it's safe to say the PEAK team is on your bench, with all the electronic X’s and O’s to make sure you don't run out of power (sorry, you're on your own if you run out of brewskies). 

The Peak Team

January 10, 2014

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