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You call her “baby” and “sweetie,” along with a number of other pet names. No, we’re not talking about your significant other (don’t tell her we said that)—we’re talking about your beloved ride. After all, she’s always been there for you—through rough times, rough weather, and even through the not-so-smooth dates you’ve had over the years. Yeah, it could be said that she’s the only “lady” who probably hasn’t let you down. That’s right, the love you share has been going on for quite some time—and we want to make sure that your already long-lasting love affair lasts even longer—with sweet tips on how to make sure she hits the 200,000 mile mark (and even beyond).

So listen up, you car Casanova—and check out all the ways that you and your ride can prove that true love can stand the test of time.

Tell your baby you love her every once in a while. Just as you do with your real life lady, you need to shower your ride with regular love—in the form of regularly-scheduled maintenance. Like changing your oil on time with PEAK premium oils, making sure your radiator is flushed and filled with PEAK antifreeze, and keeping your wiper blades fresh—just to name a few.

We’re aware that being sensitive goes against all man code laws, but not when it comes to making sure your ride is running in tip-top form. All this means is check your ride before taking off. Look under the car and behind the tires to make sure there aren’t any sharp objects that could ruin your baby’s (and your) day. Take a close look at all the gauges. Turn down the radio a notch or two, so you can hear any shady things happening under the hood. And keep your nose sharper than a fragrance tester when you check your oil. Simple rule of thumb: if it smells funny, there’s some funny business going on. Handle it.

There are plenty of things that can lower the life of your baby—like taking short trips. That’s right, running to the store can typically do more harm than it does good—since the engine doesn’t get a chance to warm up properly.  It’s always recommended to avoid short-runs, opting for more quality time trips that allow the water, oils, and all other fluids to get to optimal temperatures. We know that’s not always avoidable, so if you have to make a quick trip, let your engine idle for a couple minutes before you take off (especially during these cold winter months).

Synthetic oil. Some people cringe at its very name because it’s associated with more bucks when it’s time for an oil change. It’s true, it is more expensive—but your ride will appreciate where those extra dollars go with every single mile. Think of synthetic—particularly PEAK Full Synthetic—as engine insurance. Paying a few extra cents today can save you a whole lot of heartache later. It’s kind of like buying your lady—just because—flowers every so often.

It’s been said a million times that true beauty lies within. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean that exterior beauty should be overlooked. Now that you’ve got the engine covered, it’s time for a little love to her outer regions. After all, taking care of your car’s paint job, protecting her from the harmful sun’s rays, can make a 10-year old ride look showroom sharp. Don’t worry, PEAK’s got your back here too. With a ton of soothing, microfiber scrubbers, sponges, wash pads, cloths and towels. They’re all engineered to give your baby the exterior TLC she deserves—so that she’ll look just as fine as the day you first laid eyes on her.

Happy Valentine’s Day – and enjoy your automotive love affair. 

The Peak Team

February 12, 2014

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