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Give DIY Man What He REALLY Wants for Father's Day



Give DIY Man What He REALLY Wants for Father's Day

A tie.


You seriously bought Dad the most clichéd Father’s Day gift in the history of ever? C’mon. When have you seen your father in a tie? He may have worn one during your middle school graduation, but we’re pretty sure that was a clip-on.

We’re not attacking the fashion sense of your family patriarch; we’re simply pointing out that when you have a dad who moonlights as the super-heroic DIY Man, a tie just might not cut it.

You’re better off getting him something that’s going to encourage his do-it-yourself work ethic. Whether it’s changing oil, wiper blades, or antifreeze, Pops isn’t about to hand his four-wheeled baby over to some teenager at a quicky-lube garage. No sir. If you REALLY want to make Dad happy this Father’s Day, we have some suggestions:

A PEAK Jump Starter. Papa is a proud man. As such, he’s not about to call for help when he’s stuck in the parking lot alone because of a dead battery. The PEAK Jump Starter allows him to quickly and easily get his car or truck (probably truck) running and get back to doing important things.

PEAK Mobile Power Outlet. He may not admit it, but your father is as addicted to his smart phone as you are. Game scores, news, and keeping his Clash of Clans updated are critical to keeping Dad in a good mood. It’s vital, then, that his phone, and other portable electronics, stay charged. With a mobile power outlet, everything from his phone to his laptop will get charged and stay charged.

PEAK Antifreeze/Coolant Accessories. We’ve already discussed that Daddy absolutely is not taking his vehicle to a chain garage to do something he himself can easily, and inexpensively, do by his lonesome. It’s coolant season and if he can have an excuse to be in the garage with the hood up and a ballgame on the radio, he’s going to take it. PEAK not only provides the highest-quality antifreeze/coolant on the market, we provide all the tools needed to flush your radiator and fill it back at the proper levels.

You now have no excuse. Take the tie back (seriously?) and show your dad the respect he has earned by giving him something for Father’s Day he will actually enjoy using. 

The Peak Team

June 13, 2014

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