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Victory Number 91 For Dan Fletcher At Mapple Grove Raceway



Victory Number 91 For Dan Fletcher At Mapple Grove Raceway

Dan Fletcher drove his way to another victory during his time at Mapple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. Dan Fletcher got his 91st national event win and 47th win in Super Stock on a red light by Doug Chervanik.

Duane Shields, in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster, had an impressive weekend making it to the final round of the NHRA Nationals held at Maple Grove. In the first round, Duane took on Wayne Morris. At the hit, Morris got the starting line advantage but Duane was able to over power Morris immediately when he lost traction. Duane took the win with a stellar 5.27 at 274 MPH to Morris’ 6.45 at 169 MPH. In round two, Duane faced Mia Tedesco. As the lights came down on the tree it was Duane off of the first with a 0.052 to Tedesco’s 0.081. The final round pitted Duane Shields’ A/Fuel dragster vs. the quickest blown alcohol dragster in the land driven by newly crowned National Champion Chris Demke.  At the start, Demke zoomed off the line with a nearly perfect 005. light. Duane was in hot pursuit but smoked a crank shaft at mid track which slowed him down. With the engine going away Duane was unable to catch Demke who crossed the finish line with a 5.26 at 272 MPH to Duane’s 5.39 at 255 MPH

Britttany Force was attempting to become the eighth female to win a Top Fuel NHRA national event but her bid fell short against seven-time champion Tony Schumacher. Force and Schumacher left the line almost simultaneously then both drivers had to pedal their machines as the Goodyear slicks fought for traction and began to smoke. Brittany did a great job controlling the throttle so her Castrol EDGE Dragster would settle down but unfortunately, Schumacher was able to maintain his slight lead and crossed the finish line first with 4.440 second run at 291.13 mph to Brittany’s trailing 4.652 pass at 269.13 mph. Brittany Force and the Castrol EDGE have now moved up the 9th place in the NHRA Mello Yello standings as they’ve earned 2188 Countdown points for their hard work this weekend.

The Peak Team

October 06, 2014

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