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PEAK Gives You LeMons



PEAK Gives You LeMons

We’re excited about our new website and all the things PEAK has going on this year: Race season is kicking off & we’re working with one of NASCAR’s hottest teams, NHRA racing upstarts, and a motocross legend turned champion off-road racer and Frozen Rush lunatic.

And that’s just in motorsports.

Of course we like racing – We’re gearheads. No apologies.

So we’re in the mood for celebrating & have put together a bunch of exciting giveaways. If you’re not following us or subscribed to our mailing list, you really should be – It’d suck to miss out.

We’re marking the start of the season with a sweepstakes to put a lucky winner in the driver’s seat in one of the most glamorous – err… unique series in racing.

We give you the PEAK 24 Hours of LeMons Sweepstakes.

You could win an all expense paid trip to beautiful South Haven, MI, 3 nights lodging (in an infield motorhome, of course), a seat in our LeMons racer (it’s pretty cool) - and a guaranteed good time.

The coolest part? You’re racing with motocross legend, off-road champion and RedBull Frozen Rush athlete Ricky Johnson.

Not hip to LeMons?

A nod to The 24 Hours of LeMans, LeMons is grassroots racing at its best – and most fun.

$500 race cars. Costumes. Mayhem.

Halloween meets gasoline.

Real people racing real cars loaded with safety gear and keeping them running for 24 hours on some of the most iconic tracks in the country. As they say - it’s not racing for rich idiots, “it’s for all idiots.”

You can learn more about the 24 Hours of LeMons and Ricky Johnson, or just enter now.

The Peak Team

March 12, 2013

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