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Patrick Staropoli Takes The PEAK SCD Checkers



Patrick Staropoli Takes The PEAK SCD Checkers

And so it's been decided. Patrick Staropoli is going down in history as the firs ever Winner of the PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge

From the moment PEAK and racing partner Michael Waltrip began toying with the idea of giving hopefuls a shot at stock car stardom late last year, we couldn't help but get excited. 

What did we envision for the PEAK SCD Challenge? Well, here is the lowdown. 

A nationwide drivers search.
With legit up-and-coming racers.
And raw talent.
Hungry to earn the next MWR Team development driver seat. 

And, that's exactly what went down at the showdown in Charlotte

Under the wings and advisory of NASCAR veterans such as Clint Bowyer, Danica Patrick, Martin Truex Jr., Michael Waltrip, Mark Martin and Brian Vickers — Patrick Staropoli proved himself as the champion. 

Patrick showed that he has the wheelman skills, unrelenting dedication, and wit to take his racing career to the next level. 

Watch as Patrick Staropoli cuts through over 500 challengers — lands himself in the Final 9 — lays waste to the three-day driving school competition at Charlotte Motor Speedway — and emerges with the PEAK SCD Challenge checkered flag. 

Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter as Patrick Staropoli prepares for his K&N West Series Spokane race on August 24th.


The Peak Team

August 15, 2013

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