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Take a Shot



Take a Shot

There are many ways to say “thanks” – Like sending a card, giving a hug, or buying a little gift card to a coffee shop. But that’s not how we roll. Because we’re PEAK—and we wanted to give away stuff you’d actually appreciate. That’s why, to celebrate the fact that we’ve reached 200,000 PEAK Fans, we’re showing our appreciation to you in a manly way—with manly stuff. Like a Limited Edition PEAK Traxxas TORC RC Truck, a PEAK No. 15 Diecast car signed by Clint Bowyer, PEAK apparel, and more! So, how do you win this stuff? Simple. Just submit a photo on our Facebook timeline and tag “PEAK Antifreeze & Motor Oil” in the image description. That’s it.  

What should your photo be of? Well, that’s up to you. As car guys (and gals), we get revved up just thinking about cars. So your shot could be of your ride’s sleek body lines. Its glossy, showroom paint. Plush interior. Window-rattling sound systems. Perhaps an up close-and-personal shot under your hood—to show off your engine in all her eye-candy glory.

So bust out your camera and have yourself an epic photoshoot. Who knows, one of your shots could earn you some sweet PEAK swag. Once you’ve taken the perfect pic, log on to our Facebook page to submit your photo. Oh yeah, all the legal mumbo jumbo, Official Rules, regulations, and restrictions can be found in the Notes section of our Facebook page too; they’re also accessible by clicking here.

Good luck!

The Peak Team

October 11, 2013

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