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Steer Away From Fear



Steer Away From Fear

Seeing as it’s Halloween time, chances are that you’re in a "scare-or-be-scared" kind of mood. Maybe you want to redefine the meaning of "creeper" by hiding under your buddy's car, waiting for the opportune time to scare the ever-loving [insert expletive here] out of him. Or perhaps you want to tell your roommate some delinquent trick-or-treaters put sugar in his gas tank. Yeah, there are tons of ways to be the “scarer”—or the “scare-ee.” But there’s one place you don’t want fear to come knocking—your car. Because, much like a fake zombie attack at an amusement park-turned-scare-house, you don’t want your car sneaking up on you with an issue that’ll keep you stranded.

So, to steer away from the scary things that can go wrong with your car, we devised a short, car care checklist:

LUBE UP OR LOSE OUT. Ever heard the phrase “well-oiled machine?” Well, that’s not just a fancy term. In this case, it’s a hint. After all, your engine has a ton of parts working at furious speeds to get you from Point A to Point B. And they all need to be properly “oiled up.” Don’t get stuck with a seized engine, busted belts, and hefty repair costs—change your oil regularly. Whether you need conventionalfull synthetichigh mileage, or even diesel oil, PEAK has your back. For frequency, refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

DON’T GET LEFT HIGH AND DRY. Keeping your ride bone dry—by depriving it of its much-needed fluids—is nothing more than a one-way ticket to Hitchhikers-ville. There are scary people out there, and you don’t want to be stranded. Besides, not taking care of your car is just bad form. And, unmanly. You’re not unmanly, are you? We didn’t think so. So grab all your PEAK fluids—for your brakestransmissionpower steering, and even your windshield—and avoid being left out to dry.

METAL ON METAL CRIME. Sounds like a crazy rock band’s name, doesn’t it? We wish it were. Fact is, if you don’t change your brake pads regularly, there are a couple things that’ll happen: 1) you’ll hear the screeching, scratching “what-the-heck-is-that?” metal-on-metal grinding from your brakes, and 2) you’ll be hit with unexpected repair costs. After all, it’s not just pads that you have to worry about. It’s what the pads are attached to (i.e. rotors, calipers, etc.). So check your brakes during every oil change to avoid any metal mayhem.

KEEP YOUR POWER POSITION. Check your battery every month for corrosion. If you spot any “battery cancer,” clean it. Here are a couple easy ways to clean excess corrosion yourself:

          1) Loosen the cable clamp nuts, mix some baking soda and water in a bowl (1 tablespoon
              of baking soda, 1 cup of water); dip a toothbrush 

          2) Pour some cola on the exposed clamp nuts. Yes, Cola. Speaking of scary, isn’t it nuts
              that a beverage we drink can clean battery corrosion? Anyway, pour it on this slowly,
              then rinse with cold water.

Also, make sure you’re powered up. Keep a battery charger (like a PEAK Jump-Starter) in your trunk. That way you won’t be left powerless (and left sucking your thumb while curled up in the fetal position in your backseat while you wait for help)

The Peak Team

October 31, 2013

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