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Microfiber Dual-Purpose Cleaning Glove Product

The Microfiber Glove

Better results with less work.

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  • Microfiber Dual-Purpose Cleaning Glove

    A versatile microfiber wash glove.

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    The PEAK® Microfiber Dual-Purpose Cleaning Glove is designed to thoroughly remove hard-to-reach dirt and grime. Thousands of microfibers trap particles, preventing scratches to the surface. The knobby side of the glove is designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces, while the Chenille scrubber helps to remove bugs, tar, and tree sap.

    While washing your ride, rinse frequently to flush out large debris that could damage your paint or clear coat.

    Cleaning afterwards is a cinch. Simply machine wash and air dry or tumble dry on low. Do not iron. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Hemmed edges may scratch delicate surfaces, so test in an inconspicuous area before use.


  • PEAK Car Care

    All of the PEAK™ Car Care Products are designed to provide premium cleaning, drying and polishing capabilities that maximize the dirt grabbing power of advanced microfiber technology.

  • Microfiber Dual-Purpose Cleaning Glove Warranty

    OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC warranties this product against faulty manufacture and defective materials. OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC. will not accept product liability for application or use of this product.

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