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Back-up Cameras

Wireless Back-Up Camera Systems with Color LCD Monitors provide easy-to-see rear coverage.

Which backup camera is for you?

With the advances in camera technology, backup cameras have become a key component of vehicle safety. Providing a view of an area otherwise “out of site”, the backup cameras help drivers avoid objects and people while going in reverse.

PEAK Auto’s line of backup cameras makes it easy for drivers to add this valuable safety feature to their cars, trucks and RVs.  When considering a backup camera, there are a couple of things to decide before purchasing:

  1. Are you more comfortable with a monitor built into the rearview mirror, or a separate monitor? Some models embed the monitor in a rear view mirror, which replaces the existing mirror in the vehicle.

  2. If you decide to go with a separate monitor, your next decision is the size. These range from 3.5” to 7”. When making this decision, consider ease of viewing and placement / space within your vehicle. You’re choice may be limited based on the layout of your vehicle’s interior.

Whatever your preference, installing a backup camera in your car, truck or RV is a smart choice and PEAK’s lineup of wireless backup cameras makes it easier than ever. The 7” and the rearview mirror models connect to a radio transmitter mounted in the back of the vehicle. Our 3.5” and 4.3” backup cameras are based on a digital signal and do not require a separate transmitter to be mounted in side the back of the vehicle. So, even with limited DIY experience, you can instal the PEAK Auto backup cameras.

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