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Premium Eco +32 Bug Cleaner w/ Rain-Off  Product



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  • Premium Eco +32 Bug Cleaner w/ Rain-Off

    A premium rain repellent summer formula for powering through baked on windshield dirt and grime. 

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    The PEAK® Premium +32 Bug Cleaner w/Rain-Off is a premium summer formula. This advanced formula enables you to see the road more clearly all summer long. In the hot summer, PEAK +32 Bug Wash with Rain-Off powers through bugs, tree sap, baked on dirt and road grit. It also includes Rain-Off, which helps bead and repel water from your windshield while driving in the rain.

  • Eco Premium +32 Bug Cleaner w/ Rain-Off Warranty

    OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC warranties this product against faulty manufacture and defective materials. OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC. will not accept product liability for application or use of this product.

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